Fan Fiction Guidelines


 Little Connect Co., Ltd., Production Name Little Flower Project (hereafter referred to as "we" or "us") would like to thank all of you who have supported us since the beginning of our activities through Fan Fiction activities, which have allowed us to create and provide new content constantly.

 We believe the interactive activities between you and us will continue to bring forth new creativity and ideas and enable us to provide excellent content.

 For this reason, we have established the "Fan Fiction Guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") so that everyone can safely engage in Fan Fiction activities.

​ We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that more people can become familiar with and enjoy our content.

* If you have any questions regarding our guidelines for secondary works, please contact us using the Contact Us form.

Subjects of Fan Fiction under the Guidelines

 This guideline applies to Fan Fiction of copyrighted material exclusively owned by us.

 Copyrighted Material: Our official characters and still images (hereinafter referred to as the "Contents").


<Scope of Fan Fiction>

 Our definition of Fan Fiction is to create a new work of art based on the Contents through your own originality and ingenuity.

<Actions within the Scope of Fan Fiction>

 Actions to publish or transmit works to social networking sites, video websites, etc., by relying on the Contents and adding creative arrangements.

<Actions outside the Scope of Fan Fiction>

 Actions to copy and use the Contents as they are without any creative arrangement, or to use the Contents similarly to the Contents provided by us, or in an unsolicited manner that may cause misunderstanding among third parties, are outside the scope of Fan Fiction.

  • Actions to copy the Contents as they are, or to publish or sell them as merchandise or for commercial purposes after only simple processing such as trimming or changing color tones.

  • Actions to intentionally resemble the Contents provided by us and to mislead the viewers.

<Copyrights Not Owned by Us>

 Regarding content for which we do not own the copyright, even if it is within the scope of Fan Fiction, it is necessary to obtain permission from the copyright holder, regardless of whether or not there is profit to be made.   Therefore, please refrain from using copyrighted material that is not owned by us without the copyright holder's permission, as this may cause problems.

​ We are not responsible for any problems that may occur when using content for which we do not hold the copyright. Therefore, we ask you to use everything ethically.

Requests to Everyone Involved in Fan Fiction

 Even if your work is within the scope of Fan Fiction, please strictly follow the following rules.

  •  Please refrain from creating Fan Fiction that includes content or descriptions that the author may find offensive. If the author requests that the Fan Fiction be removed from the site, we ask that you immediately cease publication of the Fan Fiction and remove it from the site.

  •  Please refrain from including content or depictions that our talent may find offensive. If you receive a request for removal from us or our talent, we ask that you immediately cease publication and remove it from the site.

Fan Fiction Related to Us

 Please acknowledge that we or our talents may use Fan Fiction related to us, which is created by you as thumbnails for video distribution, social networking sites, etc.


 If anyone other than us or our talent uses a third party's Fan Fiction material, we understand that permission may be required. Please refrain from contacting us regarding any questions or confirmation of using such materials, as we have nothing to do with them. (This does not apply to reports of an unauthorized use, copyright infringement, or other incidents.)


 We are not responsible for any trouble that may arise from Fan Fiction related to us that you have created.

August 9, 2022 Revised