Announcement of the birth of a new Vtuber unit

Dear supporters of the Little Flower Project

Thank you for your patience.

We have already announced the new Vtuber unit on Twitter, but we would like to inform you about the new Vtuber unit.

Unlike our original plan, we have decided to create two new Vtuber units.

Little Flower Project" will provide a deep story for each unit, and each concept will be developed into a unit that will create a new world.

The story of the girls will change little by little depending on the listeners they meet.

This time, we will introduce only the First Unit.


First. Unit 【 Angeliry 】


The story is set in the existence of angels and is about emotions that people experience at least once in their lives.

"Character Design"

小豆ねい 様



"Unit Logo / Character Log"

ふりる・バントライン 様