Important notice about future activities.

To everyone who is supporting us

Thank you for your continued support.

The "Little Flower Project" started its activities around April, and it has been about half a year since then.

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we were able to lay the foundation for future activities.

In November 2021, we are proceeding with the opening procedure of "Little Connect Co., Ltd." as a virtual idol office.

About the reason for establishment

Of the Little Flower Project

"Little flower" is a "small but beautiful flower that blooms hard"

The logo "Fairy" expresses "a pure feeling of always pursuing fun".

It is expressed and designed.

The prologue of the story with you began with a single Chinese peony that you can see through a small window called the screen.

Outside the small window is a beautiful world of vast and colorful flowers.

We have established "Little Connect Co., Ltd." as the first step to take off with everyone in such a world.

The concept of "Little Connect Co., Ltd."

[Forming fun from connections with rare people]

Fans who support us,

Designers, creators and staff who cooperate with us

I think that the content created by connecting people will surely create endless enjoyment.

We will pursue "Originality" that has never existed before and "Create".

We are confident that we will be able to provide new content that has never been seen before by spreading the connection between companies and the world.

About Yukinoshita Peo

Regarding "Yukinoshita Peo", which everyone is supporting, we have made the "Little Flower Project" even more exciting with our original creativity and action power that is superior to anyone else.

Rather than working within the shackles of a company, I would like you to take on new challenges and inspire.

Based on these circumstances, on November 16th, "Yukinoshita Peo" officially withdrew from the "Little Flower Project" and decided to maintain the relationship through the agent system.

The character design will be changed later due to this reason, but we would appreciate your continued patronage.

Although I made such a decision on my own, I think that Yukinoshita Peo may continue to work together with the Little Flower Project as an individual.

In that case, we would like to ask for your warm support.

About the official fan club

The official fan club will be temporarily closed from November 16th.

We will cancel the update on the management side, so we will respond without bothering you.

* December membership fees will be renewed as usual during November. If it is not renewed, you may not be able to join the fan club on the Yukinoshita Peo side for December.

In that case, you will need to join the new fan club again in December.

Along with that, we plan to transfer the Minecraft server to Yukinoshita Peo, but we can continue to use it.

* We will reset the world once and rebuild it as a new server with setting changes.

Yukinoshita Peo is preparing for a new fan club, so please check the information on Yukinoshita Pio's Twitter for the transition.


The DISCORD of the Little Flower Project will be closed as soon as the DISCORD on the Yukinoshita Peo side is ready.

You can continue to use it until the transition.

Please check the information on Twitter of Yukinoshita Peo regarding the transition of DISCORD.

In the end